Melanie Mannarino



Melanie Mannarino is an editorial and brand strategist who spent the bulk of her career editing digital and print content for national media brands including Seventeen, Marie Claire, Real Simple, Cosmopolitan, and Shape. She writes and edits branded and native content as well as editorial features across digital and print, and has been a content lead and strategist for various financial and wellness startups. A lifestyle expert, Melanie covers the relevant issues and concerns of our culture—from complex issues like domestic violence and the American healthcare system, to everyday lifestyle topics like food and entertaining, health and wellness, career, relationships, money, and parenting.


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Chris Whalen, CPA, has helped thousands of creators on the contentious website with their tax returns

The prolific aren’t more talented—they just have the right systems in place 

Are these videos genuine feel-good moments, or are they marketing ploys based on the idea that pity sells?

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Creator stories that inspire,
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Creator stories that inspire,
inform, and entertain