Lucas Crespo



Lucas is a marketer, art director, designer and entrepreneur originally from Panama City. He is building VeryVisual, an unlimited design agency for startups in tech. He is also the co-founder of Las Curvas Studio, a creative strategy agency helping brands fight invisibility.


You don’t have to leave your own home—but you do need to clean the toilet the night before

By prioritizing her own point of view, the creator produces content that outlasts trend cycles

Fashion, Anime, and Mythology at the base of character-driven and community-led worldbuilding

How learning to say no can lead to a bigger, better yes

With a little help from Russian literature

From freelancing in Washington to jetting across the world with YouTube’s biggest creators

Gatekeepers and green lights aren't the answer — you have to save yourself

10 years after its inception, Miranda July’s project encourages us to visit our archives and rediscover ourselves

This company aims to ease the burden on creators while keeping fans satisfied

Why are we drawn to these defining markers of internet subcultures—and how exactly are they different?

There’s a world beyond striving for your “best self”

A call to creative action instead of creative comfort

How he’s gone from freelance video editing to running a full-suite content production house

If we’re really honest, none of us are creating alone

The no-regrets way to set up any creative business

George Washington and the 24-hour news cycle

Meet the anthropologist who studies internet culture and how it impacts society

Moving beyond religion means finding other paths for an impassioned, spiritual journey

His all-star client roster includes MrBeast, Jesser, and Noah Kagan

I’m on the verge of quitting—here’s why

Will Bluesky manage to replicate everything that made Twitter great?

With QuickVid, founder Daniel Habib wants to help creators produce endless content that’s also endlessly engaging

You don’t need a church to experience the religious ecstasy of strong shared belief

Vigilante justice may be easier to dole out from behind a screen, but it doesn’t make it more righteous

With AI getting smarter by the day and verification badges up for sale, the line between authentic and fake is all but invisible

Effective techniques to recharge your creative battery (that don’t involve diet or sleep)

Honesty, mutual respect, and unwavering fairness has charged the trio’s success

With platforms subject to politics and pivots, creators are seeking other means to own their fan relationships

A mass dislike of plain water has led to a flood of flavored-water content

How TikTok users worldwide found unexpected meaning and solidarity in a love song

But fan edits and memes probably won’t change Congress’s mind

You won’t love everything you make—and that’s okay

People have been fictionalizing stories about real people for generations—so why does it feel so personal and intrusive right now?

General manager Angus Parker cold-emailed his way into the role

Weighing the risks and benefits of going long for creators   

Reframe the idea of failure and you’ll never keep your work to yourself again

Moving past antiquated, patriarchal definitions allows room for everyone to grow, flourish, and create

Creators may never replace traditional streaming services, but they’re coming compellingly close

Experts and users are split on just how much damage these filters can do

Chris Whalen, CPA, has helped thousands of creators on the contentious website with their tax returns

The prolific aren’t more talented—they just have the right systems in place 

Are these videos genuine feel-good moments, or are they marketing ploys based on the idea that pity sells?

Is the human creator's time finished?

What happens when you train Tiktok to show you videos you'll hate

Influencing with extra steps and a slight nod to self-awareness

Creativity was once reserved for the gods. Now it seems to be the domain of the powerful. How did we get here? 

Ethical conundrums abound as creators wrestle with concerns about false advertising, AI-generated sexual content, and performative acts of kindness

Is it really philanthropy if everyone's watching?

Can conversations with AI-generated historical figures help people understand the past?

How digital minimalism is a creator’s secret weapon

Someone appears to be using the names of music in Russia to claim copyright on American audio clips

Out: feeling ashamed of our interests. In: embracing what brings us joy.

As creators, we must search for reasons to create outside of the social response our art might generate

The blurring line between selling and selling out

Plus the end of a creator era, British anonymity laws, and the strange case of an un-dead romance novelist

The ethics around crafting content from other people’s lives are murky at best. Where should creators draw the line? 

The psychological underpinnings of social performance

The soft power of Google Doc publishing

Why rejection is a creator’s best asset—and how to use it productively 

Or is the way people relate to content creators just changing?

Despite the app’s failure to serve as a viable Twitter alternative, it still has dedicated users, six years on

Putting the "artificial" in artificial intelligence

Cultural stasis amidst creative surplus

It was the grid, as a system, that made everything work—as imperfectly as it did

Selected ambient streams

Yet another platform that creators are expected to post on

A tell-all covering the who, what, where, when, why, and how of seeking representation as a creator

Launch your platforms to optimize income from the very beginning

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